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Has Immigration Increased in Your Part of the World? How Akorbi Language Services Can Help Now


Are you operating in a part of the United States where you’re seeing an influx of immigrants? Do you know the laws and programs when hiring an immigrant? Do you or someone in your company speak their language? If you’re asking yourself these questions, you will likely need a company like Akorbi for communication and compliance. In today’s blog, we will explain why.

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Job Creation

One of the ways you can take advantage of a recent spike in immigration is by hiring for existing jobs or creating new positions. If you operate a business in manufacturing or other industries, this may be an excellent opportunity not only to put people to work but stimulate the local economy.

EEOC Compliance

If your business offers any customer service, you will need to communicate with these people in their language – and possibly localization.

Akorbi’s Interpretation and Translation Services can assist in communicating and remaining compliant with the federal EEOC guidelines. As an Equal Opportunity Employer operating in the United States, you are required to provide interpretation and translation services to employees who do not speak or read English as their first language.

But where do you begin?

It may not be financially feasible for you to hire a full-time interpreter. That’s where Akorbi can come in. If you need on-demand interpreters or translators, you can employ Akorbi when you need them. If you need documents translated regularly or interpreters only during employee reviews, company meetings, and interviews, then you can work with Akorbi to develop a schedule and retainer. Akorbi works with native speakers and industry experts to provide the highest quality language solutions for you.

Akorbi’s Workforce Solutions

You never know when the next big rock star will walk through your door. If you are not fluent in their language, you may miss the opportunity to hire and train them effectively.

With Akorbi’s Global Staffing Capabilities, you can allow them to recruit, hire and train, all in their native language. Akorbi offers a network of recruiters who work in specialized markets across numerous languages, so you don’t have to wonder if they can fit your needs.

Ask Akorbi About Compliance

The Akorbi team dedicates itself to building an atmosphere within your globalizing organization by keeping you informed of issues related to language services. Through our compliance process, we help identify holes in web accessibility and then help you remediate them, which ultimately will make your company better. Learning what resources are available to you as you navigate the ever-changing world of technology and language is essential to your business’s success. Contact Akorbi online or call 1-877-4-AKORBI for more information.

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