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Handle Back-Office Support Tasks With BPO Services

Payroll and BPO

There are many back-office support tasks that are vital to your business. You may not think about them on a regular basis, but these tasks help your company run smoothly so you can focus on what your firm does best. Using Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) for vital yet mundane tasks alleviate stress in your office because you have experts on the job. Akorbi explains why you should handle back-office support tasks with BPO services, especially in a multilingual setting.


Multilingual staffing in your accounting department helps you create meaningful customer experiences while improving your market share in a global environment. Breaking down language barriers for accounting purposes when dealing with clients improves accuracy for billing, invoicing, and accounts receivable. When customers realize your firm caters to multiple languages and handles them well, they recommend you to other potential clients. Your sales and profits increase thanks to a BPO firm that specializes in multilingual accounting.


Your employees need to be paid on time and in the correct amounts. Adding BPO for payroll ensures accuracy for time tracking and hourly wages to keep your HR budget manageable. International companies with multilingual staffers require specialized support. Everyone must fill out the correct paperwork for income taxes and withholding. Having someone proficient in a foreign language ensures every employee fills out these forms properly.

Customer Service

Customer service has several facets, including one for multiple languages. You may have many customers in a region where a foreign language is prevalent. Your company could have an office in an entirely different country that serves a large customer base. Your business could set appointments for customers who speak a wide range of languages. Multilingual customer support and BPO comes in many forms, including the multilingual contact center, translation and interpretation services, and staffing solutions where you pay temporary or part-time staffers to offer customer support in a particular language.

Tech Support

Tech support services utilize a particular skill set. Not only must your staffers know how to communicate precisely with customers, but employees must also know your products or services inside and out. When you have multilingual customers, tech support needs the added dimension of communicating in a different language. Multilingual services with BPO leads to seamless tech support staffing to ensure your team has excellent customer service for everyone.

Akorbi’s Multilingual Staffing Solutions and BPO

Akorbi lets you add multilingual staffing solutions to your back-office tasks, whether you require tech support, customer service, payroll, or accounting services. Our BPO services save you money by removing the need to hire and onboard employees while adding the value of staff who speak multiple languages. See what Akorbi can do for your company by contacting us online or giving us a call at 1-877-425-6724.

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