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Global Staffing for Tech Startups

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Is It Time To Partner with an Experienced Staffing Team?

3D printing, cognitive computing, deep learning, blockchain, cloud solutions, WebRTC, wearable computing – the list of emerging and mainstream global technologies is virtually endless. For global technology startups wishing to enter into (and remain competitive in) the ring of fierce competition, they must first develop an intimate understanding of the industry’s rising trends, then work hard to stay ahead of these trends. By developing innovative approaches that help to solve the world’s evolving technological needs, tech startups strengthen their chances of longevity and create opportunities to expand into global markets.

Global Tech Industry Trends

In a relatively short period of time, technology has advanced exponentially in order to meet the needs of a growing global economy. Although hard to believe, it was just at the close of the 20th century, that we were introduced to Google, and by the turn of the 21st century, Apple’s iPad came onboard. Nearly 20 years later, we are now in the age of supercomputers, nanotechnology, and quantum computing. In order to keep up with these advances and enhance the user experience (UX), companies large, small, and in between are investing heavily in technology. From 5G, robust data analytics, and increased cyber security, to advanced artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) algorithms, and new mobile apps, technology will undoubtedly continue to shape our collective future for many years to come.

Virtually every industry is now being disrupted by technology-driven innovations, creating new markets and value networks. While corporate and government bodies spend the most on technology, households – including home-based businesses – are also investing in technology. In the past, it was often too expensive for smaller companies to implement the latest technology, but times are changing. In fact, according to Deloitte, companies can now “leverage the investments and expertise of the world’s biggest technology companies and savviest startups.”1 In other words, “strategic partnerships” are becoming essential. By pooling together the core competencies of each company, these partnerships not only create new markets but assist companies in removing the typical roadblocks that have traditionally prevented expansion and scale.

Where In The World Are The Largest Tech Companies Located?

Let’s face it – the world is becoming increasingly more digital. In both our personal and professional lives, we are all plugged-in so to speak. The increased demand for the world’s economies to be both connected and automated acts as a catalyst, creating waves of technological innovations. As a result, tech companies are popping up around the world, but the United States and the Asian-Pacific region (APAC) clearly remain the frontrunners.

Which Skills Make The Tech Industry Tick?

According to CompTIA, (the global leader in providing vendor-neutral IT certifications), some of the most important tech employment growth drivers include software developers, IT support specialists, systems analysts, industrial and mechanical engineers, web developers, cybersecurity analysts, and network architects. However, CompTIA also points to a number of emerging job roles worth keeping an eye on.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) ethicistsIndustrial IoT engineers
Data governance officersGeospatial and mapping specialists
Building technology officersBlockchain developers/engineers
People analystsCybersecurity architects
AR/VR object designersPenetration testers
3D printing engineersSecurity incident responders
Marketing technologistsUser experience (UX) designers
Web analytics developersSolutions architects
Data modelersTechnology project managers
Quality assurance (QA) specialistsChief data officers (CDO)
Robotic process automation (RPA) engineersAI/machine learning architects
Distributed ledger technology (DLT) developersContainer developers
Machine learning trainers/scientistsCloud services engineers
AI developersUX designers

Data Source: CompTIA.

Tech Firms Are Hiring

Whether due to company expansion, a need for new skills in an emerging tech market, or a need to refill positions due to departures, tech firms are hiring. In fact, according to CompTIA’s 2019 research2, nearly 40% of American tech firms have reported job openings. But hiring within the APAC region is hardly paling in comparison.

In its “Future of Skills” report3, LinkedIn shared an impressive number of “rising skills” (skills experiencing exponential growth) in Australia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam. While the top sought-after skills prevalent throughout the APAC region include those closely tied to blockchain and gesture recognition technology, several other skills also rose to the top (although not as prevalent throughout the entire APAC region).

* The data shows the “ratio of [the] average number of LinkedIn Recruiter InMails sent to professionals with rising skills over the past 12 months versus the average number of InMails sent to other professionals in the country (with at least 1 skill).” (Source: Future of Skills report referenced above).

Blockchain technology was within the top three rising skills in six of the ten countries in the report even though its demand only scored four times more than the demand for “other” professional skills. Gesture recognition technology closely followed, showing up in the top three rising skills for half of the countries within the report. The third most predominant rising skills were both artificial intelligence and frontend web development, appearing in four of the ten APAC countries. Workflow automation appeared within the top three rising skills in only three countries but its demand averaged 15 times more than the demand for other professional skills. Although continuous integration only showed as a top rising skill in Australia and India, its demand was 23 times that of other professional skills.**

**In India, professionals with continuous integration skills were pursued 23 times more often than other professionals. In the Philippines, professionals with frontend web development skills were sought after 13 times as often as other professionals.

Locate, Vet, Recommend – It’s What We Do!

Many tech startups are growing so quickly that their business operations have difficulty keeping pace. Although many companies are in a prime position to move their business forward, sometimes the search for talent slows down their growth. By partnering with an experienced staffing team with access to a global recruiting network, not only will companies better enable their business operations but they’ll also help their business to succeed at scale.

At Akorbi, we are not only experienced in staffing, but we excel in finding and vetting highly sought-after professionals around the globe. We confidently help to establish workforce solutions for startups and Fortune 500 companies. Our recruiting process is ISO 9001 certified and follows a proven methodology with established quality and compliance measures you can trust. No matter your needs, Akorbi’s US-based recruitment team will find the best technology experts for your organization. From engineers and programmers, to developers, help desk frontliners, and product designers, Akorbi delivers.

Let Akorbi find your talent while you continue to shape the technology of our future.


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