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Our Leaders

Our Leaders

Akorbi CEO and Co-Founder Claudia P. Mirza

Claudia P. Mirza

CEO and Co-Founder

Azam A. Mirza

President and Co-Founder

Azam Mirza

Ralph Bonaduce

President of Telephonic Interpretation and Akorbi BPO LLC

Ralph Bonaduce
Edward Cavazos

Edward C. Cavazos, Jr.

Executive Vice President of Interpretation

Hamid Bangura

Director of Staffing

Hamid Bangura
Vera Richards

Vera Richards

President of Language Services

Todd Torman

Vice President of Enterprise Accounts

Akorbi's Todd Torman

Maria Clara Buzzini

Director of Customer Relations and Account Development

María Clara Buzzini
Maureen Maranca

Maureen H. Maranca

VP of Finance and Accounting

Sarah Haner

Vice President of Marketing

Sarah Haner
Jesse Glaesman

Jesse Glaesman

Director of Infrastructure, Systems and Security

Steve Hawk

Director of Akorbi Workforce Solutions

Steve Hawk, Director of Akorbi Workforce Solutions
Akorbi's Javier Martinez

Javier Martinez

Chief Technology Officer

Sara Baumgartner

Director of Interpretations - Scheduled Services

Akorbi's Sarah

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