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Efficiency of On-Site Interpretation Services from Akorbi

On-Site Interpretation

On-site interpretation means you have an interpreter present to translate one or more languages accurately and easily. Face-to-face interpretation is most valuable when interactions are vital to your business model, such as during an important conference, court proceedings, high-level team meetings, complex medical meetings, or emergency room interactions. Today’s blog discusses the efficiency of on-site interpretation services from Akorbi and how they help your business.


Akorbi allows you to schedule on-site interpretation as soon as you know you need an interpreter. Our platform works from mobile devices and smartphones so you can check the availability of an interpreter and schedule a session. Akorbi’s portal is secure, and it lets you view the details of all upcoming appointments for interpretation. Anyone at your firm with password-protected access can log into the system to see what’s going on.


You and your staff can receive helpful notifications from Akorbi regarding your on-site interpretation services. Akorbi automatically sends notifications about the interpreter, schedule, and language requirements for your service. Your team also receives notifications at 120, 96, and 72 hours (five, four, and three days) before the interpreting session to remind you of upcoming appointments.

Many Languages

Akorbi’s interpretation services give you a choice of more than 170 languages, including American Sign Language (ASL). We hire only the most skilled and experienced interpreters. We also hire interpreters who have technical expertise in specific industries, whether it’s an international legal proceeding or a multilingual meeting with a manufacturing client. Our services give you the confidence that everyone who arrives at your office is highly trained to deliver accurate and reliable on-site interpretation for your unique needs.

Consecutive or Simultaneous Interpreters

Akorbi’s on-site interpretation system allows you to hire consecutive or simultaneous interpreters, depending on the situation. Consecutive interpreters listen to what the speaker is saying and then talk after the speaker pauses. Simultaneous interpreters speak when the person is talking with a delay of only a few seconds. Simultaneous interpreters are great for live events and large gatherings, while consecutive interpreting works well for smaller gatherings or one-on-one meetings. No matter how many interpreters you require, we have a staffing solution.

Akorbi’s On-Site Interpretation Services

Akorbi’s on-site interpretation services let you manage your interpreters in one multimodal platform. ADAPT powered by Akorbi allows you to schedule an on-site interpreter, track your spending, and view engagement data to improve your customer service. Call us toll-free at 1-877-425-6724 or contact us online for more information.

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