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Do I Really Need Multilingual Staffing Solutions in my Accounting Department?

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How an Accounting Department Can Benefit From Multilingual Staff

Besides preparing for tax season, accountants actually wear many hats around the office. They process payroll, maintain records of profit and loss, and prepare financial reports, just to name a few. Many don’t know that accounting is a pretty interactive job that allows accountants to get a good look at many businesses, and thankfully, advancements in technology have helped streamline their processes.

If you’re looking to hire in your accounting department, it might be worth your while to consider bilingual or multilingual individuals to help fill those openings. Individuals that can speak two or more languages have a lot to offer in regard to customer interactions and staffing solutions.

Create Meaningful Customer Interactions

One of the many benefits of a multilingual staffing solution in accounting is the opportunity to create meaningful customer interactions. Increasing the department’s cultural demographic will break through linguistic and cultural barriers and reach wider audiences. Multilingual associates can elevate the quality of customer service with foreigners or non-English speaking individuals and help build a foundation of trust and loyalty between business and customer.

Multilingual employees can reach more diverse audiences and help advertise your department’s skills and values.

Cost-Effective Staffing Solution

Another benefit of hiring bilingual and multilingual individuals for your accounting department is the cost-effective staffing solution it offers. With in-house translation, you won’t have to pay for an outside translator when the situation calls for it. Multilingual staff can also bridge communication gaps and facilitate meetings, video calls, and review paperwork.

Helping your business establish a competitive advantage, multilingual individuals can multitask effectively, process information quickly, and can easily switch between two tasks. The ability to speak multiple languages requires more brain power than you would think.

With the ability to speak English and Spanish, for example, your brain has to work harder to separate two language structures for every one word. This ability to categorize two separate languages in the brain as well as switch attention between the two is impressive and definitely someone you want in-house.

An Associate is Only as Good as Their Training

A business is only as good as its employees, and an associate is only as good as their training. How can you be sure you are hiring qualified, experienced accountants? It doesn’t matter how many languages a person can speak if they don’t meet the right qualifications. Luckily, there are services that can help.

Akorbi is a multilingual business solutions provider that helps companies like yours find staffing solutions that fit your needs. At Akorbi, pre-screened, highly skilled job applicants are matched with companies that will become strong assets when it comes to customer relations. Don’t waste your time with under-qualified candidates, look into our staffing services today.


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Here’s what Akorbi is doing in response to COVID-19. Learn More »