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Comprehensive Language Services with ADAPT

Akorbi's ADAPT is an all-inclusive multimodal portal designed to meet a wide range of language requirements. It provides a centralized hub where you can effortlessly submit, track, and manage translation requests, while also granting access to a vast network of skilled linguists. And, with just a simple click of a button, you can easily connect with an interpreter for phone, video, or in-person sessions. By leveraging ADAPT, your organization is equipped with the necessary language tools without the need for a dedicated in-house team to handle language needs.

Network of Expert Linguists

By choosing Akorbi, you gain access to a diverse pool of skilled linguists proficient in more than 170 languages, eliminating the need to maintain a full in-house team for various linguistic requirements. This approach is particularly advantageous for niche or less commonly spoken languages, where ongoing needs may be limited. Akorbi provides a streamlined solution for all your linguistic needs, without the complexity and expense of sourcing individual language experts.

Rigorous Vetting

We take our vetting process seriously to ensure we choose the best linguists for you. Our linguists not only have top-notch language skills, but also industry-specific expertise. When you work with our professionals through the ADAPT portal, you can trust that they understand the nuances of language in your sector. This means your communications will always be precise and relevant.


Developing an in-house team can be a time-consuming and costly endeavor. However, with ADAPT, you gain access to a network of skilled linguists without the burden of maintaining overhead costs or managing the recruitment and training process. Akorbi handles all those aspects for you, even providing linguists with specialized expertise that typically come at a high price. Plus, you can utilize linguists on a project-based basis, saving precious time and eliminating fixed expenses like salaries and benefits.

Fast and Simple

With ADAPT, managing language services is made to be streamlined and efficient. When you have documents and files requiring translation, simply upload them to our portal for our team of professional linguists to translate. From there, you'll have access to all your documents, status updates, and more in one easily accessible place. Additionally, our readily available team of linguists promptly handles your translation requests, ensuring timely and professional service. Need an interpreter? We provide rapid response times – typically under 15 seconds for Spanish and under 30 seconds for other languages. By prioritizing quick access and response, we help minimize your downtime and enhance productivity, making your linguistic needs our top priority.

Streamlined Supplier Management

In language service workflows, multiple suppliers are often involved, each playing a crucial role in delivering comprehensive and high-quality services. These suppliers can include technology providers, freelance linguists, cultural consultants, and training experts, among others. ADAPT is specifically designed to cater to this complex ecosystem. It streamlines supplier management by consolidating all necessary details in one user-friendly platform, eliminating the need to juggle multiple sources. With ADAPT, you can create workflows that ensure thorough validation of supplier qualifications and effortlessly manage all supplier interactions.

Centralized Project Management

ADAPT, when working hand-in-hand with Akorbi's low-code platform, RunMyProcess, is designed to seamlessly fit various project management needs. This comprehensive suite can handle everything from tracking projects and allocating resources to handling complete accounting functions such as billing and invoicing. More than just a financial tracking tool, ADAPT can be customized to provide real-time project updates, promoting effective collaboration among all project participants. With its customizable integration capabilities, ADAPT perfectly adapts to the unique demands of each project.

Secure Communications

With our ISO 27001 certification, ADAPT guarantees the highest standards of data security, with a strong commitment to protecting sensitive information and maintaining client confidentiality. In an era of data breaches, ADAPT provides peace of mind through robust security protocols. Rest assured that every interaction, from translations to complex multilingual projects, is handled discreetly and safeguarded against unauthorized access.


ADAPT is a valuable tool that can grow with you by utilizing only the necessary resources without the need to invest upfront. Whether you require additional services, languages, or volume, there's no need to spend time sourcing and training your own linguists. Instantly access a larger team as needed, simplifying and cost-effectively scaling your operations.

Other Key Features of ADAPT Include:

Real-Time Tracking and Reporting

Advanced monitoring tools for real-time updates on the status of language projects, providing transparency and control.

Customizable Service Packages

Tailored solutions to meet the specific language needs of your organization, whether for a single project or ongoing support.

Dedicated Support and Assistance

Continuous customer support to ensure seamless integration and usage of the ADAPT platform, enhancing user experience and satisfaction.

Quality Assurance Processes

Akorbi conducts rigorous quality checks for accuracy and consistency in all linguistic projects.

Transform Your Language Approach with ADAPT

Choosing ADAPT means choosing a partner committed to your success. Let us handle the complexities of language while you focus on growing your business. Contact us today and take the first step towards a more connected, efficient, and linguistically capable organization.

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