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Benefits of Bilingualism – Akorbi

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Akorbi: 4 Reasons to Learn Another Language

Learning a language is a huge investment of time. It takes a long time to truly master a second language. Sometimes it might seem like it isn’t worth it. If you aren’t moving to another country why learn another language? Well, at Akorbi we think learning another language is a worthwhile investment! There are many benefits to being bilingual, whether you’re moving to another country or living in the United States. Below, we’ve compiled a list of reasons that bilingualism is a huge asset to anyone.

1. Bilingualism Can Advance Your Career

You are a far more valuable individual on the job market if you are bilingual. In industries like tourism, journalism, business, and more, being able to speak more than one language is a highly sought after talent. Lots of businesses have international branches and so they have an interest in employees who are familiar with other cultures and languages.

2. Bilingualism Has Health Benefits

This may come as a shock but it is true! Being bilingual can affect your health. According to research, speaking another language can slow down the effects of old age on your mind. Due to the fact that speaking another language requires a great amount of cognitive flexibility, the fact that you’re using your brain in this way can prevent dementia and mental degradation. Unfortunately, bilingualism has not been shown to prevent Alzheimer’s, but it can slow the disease down significantly. Learning a new language will keep your brain young and healthy!

3. Bilingualism Broadens Your Horizons

When you learn a new language, you not only learn the language itself but you also learn the culture. Being exposed to new cultures and ideas broadens your horizons and makes a more well rounded individual. Sometimes bilinguals feel like they have two different personalities. Oftentimes, people feel different when they speak different languages. Bilinguals are also more adaptive to change. They are used to being exposed to different cultures and ideas. They are more willing to try new things that require new ways of thinking.

4. Bilingualism Makes You A Better Problem Solver

When you speak a second language, you’re constantly employing your problem solving abilities. Most likely, sentence structure and phrasing are very different from your first to your second language. So when you’re switching between the two languages you’re having to make quick decisions about sentence structure and grammar that require skilled problem solving.

Work With Akorbi’s Interpreters and Translators!

At Akorbi we value bilingualism! Our translators and interpreters at Akorbi are all bilingual. They are native speakers of the languages they translate. At Akorbi, we believe this is important because it means that they have a full grasp of not only the language but the accompanying culture as well. Culture has a huge impact on translation and interpretation, so we believe it is important for our translators and interpreters to be native speakers. Contact us today for any interpretation or translation needs you may have!
How to Learn a Language Infographic

Infographic courtesy of Language Trainers Group. Check out their online class to learn Italian here.

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