American Sign Language (ASL) Interpretation Services

Akorbi is proud to offer interpretation services in more than 170 languages, including American Sign Language (ASL). Discover why you need ASL interpretation for your business or organization and how Akorbi can ensure success.

Reach a Larger Audience With the Right Communication Strategy

Approximately 500,000 people have American Sign Language as their first language. Meanwhile, around 2 million Americans are classified as completely deaf and unable to hear even with a hearing aid. 90% of people who are deaf in the United States become this way later in life due to hearing loss. Serving this population simply makes business sense, and it’s more than just good public relations.

More and more consumers are turning to live video feeds for their content. 80% of consumers would rather watch a live video than read a blog. YouTube and Facebook are the two major platforms where people watch live videos from their favorite brands. Without an ASL interpreter for live events, you’re missing a significant segment of your target audience. 

Mass communication is vital to everyone, no matter what language they speak. ASL is different in that it’s a visual language. While it’s easy to add subtitles to pre-recorded videos, live video feeds are different. You have two options: live closed captioning or having an ASL interpreter.

ASL Services Guide from Akorbi

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At Akorbi our ASL interpreters are available at a moments notice, 24/7, in over 170 languages, anywhere in the world. Find out how we do it and see how Akorbi can make it happen for you!

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Respond to Emergencies & Maintain Regulatory Compliance

In emergency situations, ASL interpreters are vital to ensuring public safety, public health, and saving lives. American Sign Language interpretation also is a necessary component of emergency room care in hospitals, doctor’s offices, healthcare providers, government agencies, legal services, and education.  

ADA compliance is a major factor when it comes to American Sign Language interpretation. The Americans With Disabilities Act mandates that all covered entities must provide effective communication, including interpreters. This covers people who interact with an entity and work for an entity. Without an ADA-compliant sign language interpreter, you face hefty fines from the federal government and costly civil lawsuits with possible damage payments.

What We Do

Interpretation In-person

In-Person Interpretation

Akorbi schedules a sign language interpreter to be present in the room where the person is speaking. 

Interpretation Video

Remote Interpretation

Another option is remote interpretation. This occurs when the ASL interpreter embeds their live interpretation in the corner of a video screen. Akorbi’s technology platform gives you the results you need to comply with the law and provide effective ASL interpretation.

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ADA Compliance

All of Akorbi’s certified American Sign Language interpreters comply with federal law, including the ADA and HIPAA with regards to healthcare. Rest assured, our ASL interpretation services deliver accurate results that meet every regulatory standard in the United States.

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Medical and Healthcare


Family-Owned to Fortune 500

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Akorbi supplies ASL interpreters who meet your specifications and requirements. Each industry uses specialized jargon and terminology, and our ASL linguists have various areas of expertise, including medicine, technology, law, education, and finance. Partner with Akorbi today to find out more about our American Sign Language interpretation services.

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