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App Localization: A Beginner’s Guide to App Content

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In today’s expanding digital environment, having a mobile app is important. When developing your mobile app, you’ll also need to have an app localization strategy that targets the right users the right way. This app localization strategy will include a variety of factors, but content is central to the process. In today’s blog post, Akorbi will take a look at the app localization process and give a beginner’s guide to your app content strategy. 

What Is App Localization?

The localization process includes adapting content to a specific target market, geographic area, language or dialect. App localization is utilized during the app development process, ensuring that users in certain areas are getting an app that is handcrafted for their market. This is crucial for international businesses that have a mobile app, as nearly 90% of mobile traffic comes via mobile apps. Further, most online traffic comes through mobile engagement rather than through a desktop, so app localization is a crucial process.

What Content Should You Publish on Your App?

Beyond the homepage and secondary pages on your app, the most common content on mobile apps are blog posts and articles. These are great because they include helpful information and links to conversion opportunities. Other content that is published to apps are videos, photos, and audio recordings. All content can be promoted via push notifications for your mobile app. If you execute the right localization strategy, mobile app content can drive conversions for your business around the world in many languages.

Why Is a Content Strategy Important?

Content strategy is crucial because content can have an impact on your business’ search engine optimization, website authority, and sales. Bad content that isn’t relevant to users will result in a high bounce rate and will hurt your credibility with future users. So, at the most basic level, a content strategy is important because it helps you write relevant content for your users. App localization plays a key role because your content should be geared to the unique audience you are targeting. App localization can help ensure that the right content is being put in front of the right users. 

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