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Akorbi's Solutions for Global Reach

At Akorbi, our focus is on providing efficient global communication services. Our team of talented linguists is skilled in over 170 languages, guaranteeing accurate and culturally relevant translations. We offer a diverse range of language services to meet all your global communication needs, aiding your journey in the global market. Our linguistic expertise navigates borders and cultural differences, ensuring clear and effective communication with clients worldwide and within multilingual teams.

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Translation & Localization Services

Our expert team is fluent in over 170 languages, ensuring that your message connects with your target audience on a deeper level. We go beyond simply translating the content – our translation and localization services adapt your content to embrace cultural nuances, strengthening customer relationships and boosting your brand's global presence.

Software and App Localization

Improve user satisfaction by localizing your software and apps with accurate translations that resonate worldwide, making your products competitive on a global scale.

Multimedia Localization

Globalize your multimedia content through advanced techniques and technologies, ensuring top-notch quality and cultural relevance, from video subtitles to graphic localization.

E-Learning Solutions

Reach a global audience with culturally adapted e-learning solutions that facilitate effective learning and engagement.

Voice-Over and Subtitling

Engage your audience with professionally curated voice-over and subtitling services that bring your content to life across different languages and regions.

Multilingual Desktop Publishing

Ensure professional aesthetics and cultural appropriateness in your documents for international markets with our seamless multilingual desktop publishing services.

Text-to-Speech Solutions

Deliver your content in a format that’s accessible and engaging with our text-to-speech solutions, providing a natural, human-like audio experience across multiple languages.

Podcast Localization

Extend the reach of your podcasts by adapting content, metadata, and marketing materials to resonate with international audiences, ensuring broader engagement and listenership.

Transcreation Services

Experience more than just translation with our transcreation services, creatively adapting your message while maintaining its intent, style, tone, and context across different cultural landscapes.

Interpretation Services

Our interpretation services are meticulously designed to provide real-time linguistic support, fostering clear and effective communication across different languages and cultures. With our highly qualified and certified interpreters, we offer a variety of interpretation solutions to meet your diverse communication needs anytime, anywhere in the world.

Phone Interpretation

Our phone interpretation services are available 24/7, providing real-time support in over 170 languages. With the help of our user-friendly ADAPT mobile and web app, you can easily schedule interpretation services and gain secure access to call activity reports, language reports, and surveys, ensuring a smooth and compliant communication experience2.

Video Interpretation

Experience seamless communication with our revolutionary video interpretation services. Whether it's communicating with employees, clients, or the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community, our video interpretation technology allows you to connect with highly-qualified interpreters from any location, provided you have an internet connection and a device to access our high-resolution video and audio connection.

In-Person Interpretation

In scenarios where face-to-face interaction is essential, we offer qualified and certified on-site interpretation services tailored to meet your specific needs. Be it court proceedings, conferences, depositions, or complex medical appointments, our skilled interpreters ensure accurate communication. Our secure scheduling platform facilitates easy booking, confirmation, and report access for compliance purposes.

RunMyProcess Low Code Platform

Beyond language solutions, Akorbi offers efficient digital transformation services through our low-code platform, RunMyProcess. RunMyProcess is tailored to simplify business processes, enable integrations across diverse systems, and automate workflows, all resulting in greater efficiency. The customization options we offer, such as tailored dashboards or personalized automation sequences, ensure that the platform aligns well with your unique business requirements, enhancing its functionality and relevance to your operations. Our skilled team is here to help, guiding you process and ensuring your business transitions smoothly both locally and globally.

ADAPT Multimodal Language Portal

ADAPT, powered by Akorbi, is a multimodal language portal that offers a streamlined solution for accessing language services in over 170 languages. Designed with highly regulated industries like healthcare, legal, and finance in mind, our platform ensures secure and compliant delivery. Whether you require interpretation services via phone, video, or in-person scheduling, or a centralized location for all document translation and localization services, ADAPT has you covered. It's part of our innovative tech-driven approach to revolutionize businesses and achieve Multilingual Digital Transformation. With easily navigable interfaces and a centralized hub for all your translation needs, ADAPT simplifies effective communication on both local and global scales.

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ISO-Certified Secure Management

We have achieved multiple ISO certifications and HIPAA compliance to ensure the highest level of quality and security in everything we do. Our ISO 27001 certification guarantees strong information security, which is becoming increasingly more important as the world continues to go digital. With ISO 13485 certification, we show our commitment to top-quality management, specifically when it comes to medical devices and related services. Our adherence to ISO 17100 and ISO 9001 certifications reflects our dedication to providing exceptional translation services and maintaining a consistent quality management system, while our HIPAA compliance demonstrates our dedication to safeguarding the confidentiality and security of health information. 

Dedication to Diversity and Economic Development

As a woman and minority-owned enterprise, our roots in the Hispanic community run deep. Our CEO and founder, Claudia Mirza, brings her Colombian heritage to our story, which began by recognizing the need for effective language services. This drove us to expand our offerings to include a wide range of languages and innovative tech solutions. Through Claudia's advocacy with the United States Hispanic Business Council, we are committed to supporting and advancing Hispanic entrepreneurship. Our diverse team, with members from various Latin countries, embodies our dedication to cultural relevance and accuracy. This allows us to provide translations that truly resonate with different cultures.

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Industry Recognition

Akorbi is proud of our track record of consistent growth and recognition in the industry. We've been ranked by leaders like Nimdzi and Slator, and our impressive annual growth rates and numerous awards prove that we're a powerhouse in the global market. Not only are we one of the largest privately owned, woman-owned LSPs in the U.S., but our dedication to excellence is unwavering. Our reputation speaks for itself when it comes to being a reliable partner for global communication needs. We're always one step ahead, investing in top talent, advanced technology, and rigorous security standards. This positions us perfectly to handle the ever-changing demands of the global marketplace, ensuring a reliable and progressive partnership for our clients.

Customer-Centric Approach

We put our clients at the center of everything we do. We tailor our language and digital solutions to meet each client's specific needs, working closely with them to understand their goals. Our dedicated account management and support teams ensure a smooth and supportive experience from start to finish. By listening to our clients and adapting to their feedback, we aim to exceed expectations and build lasting relationships. Our client-focused approach is all about delivering real value and success for those we serve.

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