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In today’s globalized world, businesses need employees who can serve customers not only in English, but in a wide range of other languages as well.Not Lost In Translation

Increasing Demand for Bilingual Workers

Across all industries, the need for multilingual staffing continues to rise, and consequently, so does the need for global workforce solutions. In its 2017 “Not Lost in Translation” report, New American Economy noted that in 2015, there were approximately 630,000 US job postings for bilingual workers, a figure that had increased by 162.5% since 2010. The report also revealed that “[e]mployers posted more than three times more jobs for Chinese speakers in 2015 than they had just five years earlier. During that same time period, the number of U.S. job ads listing Spanish and Arabic as a desired skill increased by roughly 150 percent.”1 

The Benefits of Hiring Multilingual Employees

So, why should companies hire multilingual employees? Well, for starters, linguistic and cultural diversity is alive and well in the United States. In its 2016 American Community Survey, the United States Census Bureau found that over 65 million residents (more than 20% of the US population) spoke a language other than English at home. And companies well-equipped to effectively communicate with their multilingual customers will certainly reap the rewards. 

Increased Domestic Market Reach

Part of any company’s strategic business growth involves increasing their customer reach and building a loyal customer base – and that means engaging with minority markets. As the United States continues to evolve as a culturally and linguistically diverse country, minority markets now hold a combined purchasing power of over USD 3.9 trillion. 

In order to effectively reach and engage with these markets, companies require a talented pool of linguistically and culturally-diverse employees.

Increased International Market Reach

For companies doing business on a global scale, increasing your multilingual workforce can prove to be an extremely lucrative investment. Not only will your multilingual staff be able to effectively communicate with your customers at home but they will also provide valuable insights into your international market’s buying behavior and customer expectations. 

Diverse and Inclusive Corporate Culture

When companies work diligently to build and maintain a strong corporate culture with a diverse and inclusive foundation, employees feel respected and valued. And, when employees feel respected and valued, not only do productivity and innovation increase but employee turnover decreases. Studies have also shown that companies built on a strong foundation of diversity and inclusion enjoy increased creativity, faster problem-solving, and a more favorable company reputation. 

Common Pain Points for Hiring Managers

Let’s face it – it has always been difficult to find candidates who have just the right talent and experience to meet your company’s needs. Hiring managers have consistently felt the pressure to find, vet, hire, and retain quality talent. And while the same is true today, the challenges have most definitely intensified. Not only are hiring managers charged with finding candidates who possess the right skill set but they also require talented individuals who speak languages other than English – and that is a lot easier said than done. 

Time and Money

High employee turnovers are a nightmare for companies. The Work Institute’s 2019 Retention Report “estimates that the cost to lose a U.S. worker is $15,000.”2 And what about the time a hiring manager needs to invest in order to fill the position? Of course, this time varies greatly depending on the industry and the position, however, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) claims that “the average time-to-fill for jobs across all U.S. industries has been steadily climbing… [and] currently stands at 26 days.3 

Inability to Find Qualified Candidates

Finding top talent and getting them to stay is certainly a challenge these days. In fact, when Top Echelon (a recruiting software company) surveyed its customer base of more than 5,000 recruiters, 45.8% of respondents reported that “not having enough candidates from which to choose”4 was their biggest complaint. And when it comes to finding candidates with specialized skill sets, the challenge can seem insurmountable since many companies lack the necessary resources (including the specialized staff, tools, and analytics) to help test each candidate’s skill level.

Lack of Resources to Test Skill Level

Pre-employment tests mitigate potential hiring risks and increase the chances of making better hiring decisions. Depending on the job opening, you might require aptitude assessments, language competency tests, or specific technology skills assessments to increase the likelihood of hiring that perfect candidate. But, for many companies, this just isn’t in the cards. Pre-employment tests might be considered too expensive or the tests don’t integrate well with your company’s human resource management system (HRIS). 

So, with so many challenges to overcome, what can companies do to increase their multilingual staff and strengthen their diverse and inclusive corporate culture? One clear solution is to work with a recruiting agency that specializes in global workforce solutions. 

Welcome to Akorbi’s Global Workforce Solutions

Since 2003, Akorbi has been helping clients achieve growth and success in the global economy.  Whether you require US-based or global workforce solutions, we offer the professional staffing expertise to meet your needs. And although Akorbi is a US-based recruiting agency, we cater to clients all over the world, offering a global pool of multilingual candidates with highly sought-after skills. But that’s just the beginning. In fact, our multi-level, customized recruiting approach is unparalleled in the industry. 

Akorbi’s Customized Multilingual Staffing Services

As Akorbi’s valued client, you will work directly with your own Delivery Manager (DM) to discuss your unique hiring needs. The DM will also act as the liaison between you and the recruiting team, keeping you updated every step of the way. Akorbi’s recruiting team will not only source candidates with proven performance and industry-specific skills but will also evaluate each candidate’s “soft skill” fit during the pre- and post-interview sessions.

After potential candidates have been identified, the DM will share this selection with you and will then communicate your preferred candidates to the recruiting team. Our team of experienced recruiters then gets to work, conducting any and all necessary drug and background tests, reporting all findings to the DM. Once you have made a final decision to hire, we will submit your offer to the candidate and complete the entire onboarding process quickly and efficiently. 

Each member on Akorbi’s recruiting team has a minimum of 10 years experience working for diverse industries – we find, vet, and test candidates with specialized backgrounds in virtually every industry. From language services, technology, and healthcare, to finance, retail and more, Akorbi delivers your global workforce solutions.

Hire for success. Call Akorbi today.


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