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Akorbi Puts the World at Your Fingertips: ADAPT

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Reach the World With ADAPT, Powered by Akorbi

Akorbi’s groundbreaking ADAPT platform is your home base for communicating with the world. More than 150 languages are at your fingertips, all in an intuitive dashboard that is simple yet powerful. When you are ready to expand worldwide, Akorbi is here with simple solutions to tackle complicated tasks in a global marketplace.

ADAPT is Intuitive and Smart

The ADAPT dashboard is powerful software in a simple package. Navigation is easy and intuitive. Track your organization’s entire database of translated content in real-time. Quantify the success of ADAPT deployment with data analytics and administrative tools for completed projects, ongoing projects, and upcoming projects.

ADAPT syncs with Apple, Windows, Android, and iOS operating systems, as well as communication devices from Polycom, Tandberg, and Cisco. ADAPT software interfaces cleanly with your existing network, so it’s easy to share documents, audio files, video files, calendars, spreadsheets, text messages, and email. Utilize API data integration, for permissioned data transfer to external applications of your choice. With ADAPT and translation services from Akorbi, your staff will coordinate seamlessly with clients using any language in the world.

ADAPT is Powerful and All Inclusive

ADAPT gives you a single system for every task, in every language. Whatever the type of service, all of your content is available in a simple to use platform. ADAPT interfaces seamlessly with your company’s existing data and communications network, from cell phones to data servers, from French to Farsi. Read on to discover the breadth of services that are unified on ADAPT:

On-site Interpretation – Akorbi offers highly qualified interpreters to meet the multilingual needs of your organization, available on short notice. Translators are selected with extensive knowledge of your organizational subject matter and cultural preferences.

Telephonic Interpretation – Akorbi offers real-time telephone interpretation services in more than 150 languages, available 24/7. Contact Akorbi to request service and we will connect you with a credentialed interpreter within minutes.

Video Interpretation – With rapid speed-to-market and cost efficient services, Akorbi’s video interpreters get the job done quickly, so your organization can speak the language of your audience, anytime and anywhere.

Mobile Interpretation – Akorbi offers immediate mobile interpretation services in more than 150 languages, all with one-button access through our secure mobile app.

Translation, Editing and Proofreading – Akorbi will assign translation, editorial, and project management staff to your project, for complete document and web content translation services that are certifiably accurate. Text message and email translation services are also available with rapid turnaround, so your staff can communicate on the fly in any language.

Enhanced Machine Translations – Akorbi offers fast and inexpensive translation services, with smart translations that use industry specific technical terminology.

Localized Translation Solutions – With localization services from Akorbi, the production of translated material can be delegated to Akorbi staff who reside in the linguistic region of your choice. Your project will be linguistically and culturally embedded, including printed, digital and interactive materials, as well as multimedia, flash and web content.

Discover Advanced Multilingual Solutions from Akorbi

Speak to your audience anywhere in the world with Akorbi. Efficiently and easily manage a full spectrum of multilingual services with ADAPT. Whatever your needs, Akorbi speaks your language. Contact Akorbi today to discover how advanced multilingual solutions from Akorbi can help your organization access the world.

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