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Akorbi on Speaking Your Clients’ Language

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Akorbi Explains Why You Should Reach Your Clients by Speaking Their Language

Whatever industry you’re in, if you’re dealing with people, nothing beats a personal touch. Properly communicating with clients, customers or fellow business owners is more than just understanding what they say, it’s also about understanding them.

At Akorbi, we have a team of skilled translators and interpreters who understand how vital it is to understand not just the language a client speaks, but the context, culture, and history around it.

This is what makes translation services from Akorbi unique — the ability to customize. In this entry of our ongoing Akorbi blog, we’re going to look at why it’s so important to understand the language of your customers and clients, and how an agency like Akorbi can help.

Reaching the Right People

One of the most important parts of general translation when it comes to clients, customers, or an audience is reaching the right people. It’s easy to create broad content that just gives the details, and is easier to localize to other languages quickly. The problem is that this is an impersonal, unengaging way of presenting information. While it’s not a guarantee of failure, it does make whatever content, marketing materials, advertising or presentation you’re putting out there less effective.

A Personal Engagement

Any content you’re offering people should be the right mix of personal and professional, and should be created in a tone that’s tailored to the audience you want to reach. Then, in properly interpreting and translating it, you carry this tone over into other languages, tweaking it for a different culture, or a slightly different audience. This is one of the benefits of using an experienced translation agency like Akorbi.

Showing Awareness and Empathy Across Cultures

Beyond simply reaching the audience you want, a good translation of your content also demonstrates that you understand them. It can be hard to pick up on the nuances and contextual differences in languages without professional localization. But, if you can show that you care enough to do it right, it makes a big difference to those reading, watching or listening.

Building Trust with Your Audience

What this all builds to is trust. Being able to speak in a voice that comes across as if you’re talking to each individual reader helps them to trust you. An impersonal site, or marketing materials that just read like any other for the sake of easy translation, is a fast way to let people tune out. Really speaking — and understanding — the language of your audience means you build a lasting, essential connection.

Contact Akorbi

If you’re looking to improve communication with your clients, get in touch with our translation agency today. We have served companies the world over with professional translation and interpretation services, not to mention transcription and localization. With our help, you can open new lines of communication, and take your business to the next level.

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Here’s what Akorbi is doing in response to COVID-19. Learn More »