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Akorbi Named the Largest Women-Owned Language Service Provider (LSP) in the United States for the Second Straight Year

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Plano, Texas, March 4, 2021 – Akorbi, a US-based group of companies specializing in language, technology, and workforce solutions, has been ranked as the largest woman-owned language service provider (LSP) in the United States for the second year in a row. This ranking has once again been confirmed by Nimdzi and Slator, both well-respected market research and analysis firms in the language service industry. The company experienced over 40% organic growth in revenue from 2017 to 2020 and continues to expand its footprint globally, which now includes locations in Western and Eastern Africa, India, and its newest nearshore multilingual contact center in Pereira, Colombia.

Akorbi, led by CEO and Co-Founder Claudia Mirza, is honored to accept the global rankings as the 27th largest LSP on Slator’s LSP Index and the 34th largest LSP on the Nimdzi 100. Akorbi has remained in the top 40 on each industry list for 4 years now – an achievement the company believes to be a representation of its passion for consistent high-level performance.
On the company’s continued success, Mrs. Mirza says, “Growth can be planned. We chose to grow in a mindful manner and have an outstanding team who is focused, nimble, and effective. The results are remarkable, and we are honored to be ranked today as the largest woman-owned language company in the US. There have been a numerous mergers in our industry, but we remain 100 percent entrepreneurial and continue to increase revenue organically.”

Akorbi has plans to continue to increase revenue and service offerings into 2021 with the expansion of global resources. Through its new operations center in Pereira, Colombia, Akorbi provides competitive Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services
including telephonic and video interpretation, virtual assistance, accounting, customer service, and sales. Similarly, workforce expansion in India will focus on Indian language offerings, multimedia, technology development, and IT support. These growth plans align with the company’s vision to create jobs and opportunities within the global economy. Akorbi prides itself on providing stable and inclusive employment to women and mothers around the world, and empowering culturally, linguistically, and economically diverse individuals.

When asked about the key to Akorbi’s success, President and Co-Founder Azam Mirza said, “I’m exceptionally grateful for all my team members who work tirelessly to support and create integrated solutions for our clients. The Akorbi family helps bring to life our mission to create sustainable jobs and promote economic development around the world. For this alone, I am incredibly proud.”

Of the thousands of language service providers that make up the multi-billion-dollar global language services industry, Akorbi is one of the few women-owned LSPs operating successfully in the global market. Akorbi is pleased with its continued growth in such a large and competitive market, especially during such an uncertain and difficult time for the global economy.

About Akorbi

Akorbi is a U.S. based, woman-owned company providing enterprise solutions that empower companies to achieve success in the global economy. Akorbi helps companies connect with employees, vendors, and customers in over 170 languages 24×7×365. Akorbi offers customizable enterprise solutions including localization, interpretation in any modality, workforce solutions, and multilingual contact centers with business process outsourcing (BPO) capabilities.

Originally released March 4, 2021 on PRWeb here.

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