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Akorbi: Localization Services for Global Artists

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Localization Services Give Artists Global Reach With a Local Voice

Whether it is music, photography, painting or poetry, Akorbi is here to help bring your creative work to the world. Certified Akorbi localization services staff possess a deep understanding of culture and dialect in communities around the world. Art transcends the borders of nations and the barriers of language. When you are ready to share your creative work with people all over the world, Akorbi is here to help you speak their language.

Localization Services that Deliver Your Message

Akorbi’s Localization Service staff are embedded in the community and culture of the language of your choice. Localized translation and interpretation services are available for print and digital formats, including documents, marketing materials, web content, audio, and video mediums.

When you are ready to share your creative work with the world, choose localization services to speak with an authentic, localized voice. Our qualified localization staff understand the importance of cultural context, audience and the medium of communication.

Localized translated material will evoke the emotion that the artist intended, in any language in the world. Art communicates across national borders language barriers, so use an authentic multilingual voice to share your art with Akorbi.

Make Your Project at Home in a New Place

Localization staff from Akorbi are familiar with the regional dialects and distinctive culture of the target market. Manage and supervise your localization project with our simple and intuitive dashboard, using the Akorbi ADAPT platform.

If you have a gallery opening in Paris for your photography portfolio, let Akorbi handle the details. Based on your primary language promotional material, our localization service staff will prepare printed materials in secondary languages for the event, from pamphlets to advertising to gallery labels for each piece of work. Akorbi will translate digital and interaction materials as well as video, flash, and web services. You can even schedule an interpreter to accompany you to your gallery opening, so you can discuss your portfolio with local art afficanadoes.

If your band is preparing for a world tour, use localization services from Akorbi. In-country Akorbi localization staff will translate the content on your website into the language at each stop on your tour. Akorbi also utilizes image-editing software to translate the text in the images on your website, so your band logo will be ready for a global audience.

Akorbi is Here to Help Bring Your Art to the World

If you are an artist who desires to share your art with people around the world, choose Akorbi’s localization services to speak with an authentic voice, wherever you go. Our localization staff are embedded in-country, to translate and interpret within any medium of communication, so your voice is clear in any dialect and cultural setting. Contact Akorbi today for more information about localization services.


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