Akorbi Discusses the Best Languages to Study for Government Jobs

Interpreter at her multilingual government job

One of Akorbi’s many services is international staffing for companies who need multilingual workers. Are you interested in a career using multiple languages? People who are bilingual tend to have better job opportunities because of the massive global economy. In today’s blog from Akorbi, we talk about the best languages to study if you’re interested in a government job for interpretation services.

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What Government Agencies Hire Polyglots

Federal, state, and local governments all may hire bilingual or multilingual people based on demand. Cities and states with large multilingual populations tend to have more job openings for people who know more than one language.

The U.S. government has many agencies that need multilingual employees for translation or interpretation services. The departments of Defense, State, and Justice all hire people who speak foreign languages. The CIA and NSA also require the services of polyglots. The federal government offers incentives and hiring bonuses. You might also find duty stations in the military that require foreign languages.


Around 223 million people speak Arabic, and the CIA lists this language as mission-critical to the American government. Arabic is the official language of 25 countries, mostly in the Middle East and North Africa.


Two major countries speak Korean: South and North Korea. North Korea routinely issues threats to its Asian neighbors, which is why the CIA will hire people who speak Korean to translate or interpret transmissions.

Mandarin Chinese

Mandarin Chinese is a vitally important language to the world economy. More than 70% of people in China speak Mandarin, with around 850 million speakers in the world, making it the world’s most popular language. If you know Mandarin Chinese, you’ll find many opportunities for employment in the federal government.


Spanish represents the second-most spoken language in America after English. Many federal documents, videos, and audio recordings are in both English and Spanish. Thousands of jobs in America focus on interpretation services for Spanish. You’ll find plenty of jobs that utilize Spanish and English at the workplace.

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Interpretation Services by Akorbi

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