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Akorbi Discusses the Best African Countries for International Businesses

African coastal town

Africa presents a wealth of opportunity for international businesses. Sure, everyone has heard of the economic might of China, India, Brazil, Russia, and Mexico. However, Africa is an exciting new frontier, with foreign investment pouring into the continent at a steady rate. Today’s blog from Akorbi discusses the best African countries for international businesses.

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Rwanda is a small country in east-central Africa, but it has a lot going for it. The economy has grown a steady 6 percent annually since 2000. The World Bank says property registration is the second-easiest in the world after New Zealand. Starting a business is easy in Rwanda, thanks to computer filing and business reforms. The service industry is a large part of the Rwandan economy due to ecotourism and its pristine wilderness areas. Akorbi can help you get into the East African market in places like Rwanda and Kenya.


Kenya is very similar to Rwanda in that it has a stable economy that continues to grow at about 6 percent (by comparison, the U.S. economy grows about 2 percent every year). Kenya has a diverse economy that relies partially on ecotourism, but also infrastructure investments, manufacturing, chemicals, and oil and gas production.

South Africa 

South Africa is one of the most stable African economies and the continent’s second-largest behind Nigeria. Although growth is now less than 1 percent per year, South Africa is an excellent place for long-term business investment and a way to get a foothold in African markets. Akorbi’s language services can help you with South Africa’s business climate.


Morocco has markedly improved its business acumen in the past eight years since the Arab Spring. This country has a vibrant culture and excellent cuisine, as evidenced by the vibrant tourism industry. Manufacturing is taking off as well, as foreign investment in automobiles and aeronautics continues to come into this northwestern African powerhouse.


Ghana has one of the most stable political systems in west Africa, and its economy continues to diversify and grow. The country became an oil producer in 2010 as a relatively new player in the petroleum industry. Other prevalent commodities in Ghana include gold, minerals, ores, and agricultural products. Paperless customs clearance and simplified importing mean Ghana is open for international businesses.

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