Akorbi Discusses How to Learn Sign Language Easily

Akorbi Learning Sign Language Interpretation Services

American Sign Language is a vibrant language with a rich history. It’s also used by more than 500,000 people in the United States as their first language. If you want to learn ASL, you have several options. Akorbi explains. 

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Formal In-Person Classes

Local colleges and universities often have American Sign Language classes. You can take them as non-credit classes without an assigned grade. This means you wouldn’t have to go through the admissions process, because you just want to take the class for your own information as opposed to a degree program. If you want to become certified for interpretation services, you may have some extra admissions requirements. 

Structured Online Classes

You can also take online ASL classes from the comfort of your own home. More and more institutions are moving to online learning, including world-class Gallaudet University’s free online class to learn American Sign Language.

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Watch Videos

There are tons of video sharing sites on the internet and apps for your phone. Find videos of people teaching sign language on YouTube, Facebook, and more. You can watch videos from the comfort of your own home, or you can use your phone when you’re on the go. 

Check Out a Book

Your local library or online bookstore will have lots of books on how to learn American Sign Language. You’ll start with the alphabet and counting, and move to basic words after that. Like videos on your smartphone, you can take your book with you and learn anywhere. 

Join a Sign Language Group

Join a sign language group to learn from people who use ASL on a regular basis, and make some friends along the way! Search online to find out when and where the groups meet. Learning from groups of people provides a great opportunity to hone your skills.

ASL Interpretation Services by Akorbi

Akorbi works in more than 170 different languages, including ASL, for your compliant language solutions. Interpretation services offer key ways to grow your business in international markets. Contact Akorbi or call 1-877-4AKORBI for more information on what we can do for your company.

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