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ADAPT Video Solution for Remote Applications

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More and more companies turn to mobile technology to take care of their needs. Telehealth apps, telemedicine tools through smartphones and tablets, and virtual doctor appointments are standard practices in American healthcare companies.

What if you want to take your telehealth and telemedicine solutions one step further? 

More people around the world are connected than ever before, thanks to phone lines, air travel, the internet, and wireless communication. The language industry is growing due to digital and mobile technology. As such, you have an untapped international market to cater to. 

That’s where ADAPT Video Solution comes in. 

See what our platform can do for you.

Schedule an Interpreter

Remote language services include over-the-phone and video interpretation. Akorbi’s licensed and qualified interpreters work in more than 170 languages. Log into ADAPT Video Solution to choose the languages you need interpreted, the time you need an interpreter, and for how long you expect the session to last. You can even have an interpreter on call if you’re a hospital emergency room who works with one particular language on a regular basis.

Reduce Your Costs

Remote technology reduces your costs on several levels. First, remote meetings eliminate the need to travel. Rather than spend thousands of dollars on a trip halfway across the world, just tap into technology you already use to have a virtual meeting. 

Remote meetings do more than save on travel costs. What if someone on the other team is sick? You reduce the risks of your own staff falling ill with a cold, flu, or maybe even the Coronavirus by using remote technology. You save on productivity by keeping your workers healthier and at the office rather than at home and sick.

Yes, face-to-face interaction is preferred in some instances. However, you mitigate risks by having remote meetings instead. When you need an interpreter to talk to a remote team in Germany, India, China, Japan, or anywhere, ADAPT Video Solution comes through. We give you easy access to costs, which allows you to budget for remote meetings or telehealth solutions.

Comply With Regulations

ADAPT Video Solution by Akorbi complies with federal regulations for privacy, whether you have concerns about cybersecurity or need to follow patient privacy laws. Talk to us about how our platform fulfills every requirement for HIPAA, Medicare, Medicaid, the ACA, and Section 508 of American healthcare laws. Our compliant language solutions produce accurate, high-quality interpretations.

Expand Telehealth and Telemedicine Options

Expand your telemedicine options to give better access to healthcare for people with limited English proficiency (LEP) through ADAPT Video Solution. Even in emergency rooms, telemedicine comes into play by freeing up room by not having an extra person standing there to interpret. Less people in your facility reduces the chances of an infectious disease, like Coronavirus, being transmitted. Remote language services for telemedicine work in times of outbreaks, for regular medical appointments, in emergency situations, and in a crisis. 

Integrate Easily With Your Devices

ADAPT Video Solution integrates with your existing systems, software, and hardware. Our platform works with PCs, iPads, Android devices, Polycom, Tandberg, Cisco, and more. If you’ve got mobile devices, our platform works on them seamlessly and without any snafus.

Talk to Akorbi About ADAPT Video Solution

Talk to Akorbi about our ADAPT Video Solution platform today. Use it when you need an interpreter for video calling, online doctor appointments, telehealth, remote meetings, and virtual meetings either over the phone or using video. Contact Akorbi or call 1-877-4-AKORBI for more information.

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