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Akorbi's Hispanic Marketing Advantage: Claudia Mirza's Colombian Connection

Akorbi's roots are firmly planted in the Latin community, and our understanding of this demographic is unparalleled. Our CEO and founder, Claudia Mirza, is not just a businesswoman; she is a part of the community we serve. Born and raised in Colombia, she has first-hand experience of the cultural nuances, the language intricacies, and the unique challenges faced by the Latin community. This personal understanding allows Akorbi to offer services that are genuinely tailored to the needs of the Hispanic community.

Claudia Mirza's Journey from Colombia to Corporate America

Claudia Mirza's incredible journey from Colombia to corporate America is a story of perseverance and ambition. While working at a horse track, Claudia recognized a crucial need for effective language services, particularly when an interpreter was unavailable to offer commentary in Spanish. This revelation paved the way for the founding of Akorbi in 2003.

Under Claudia's leadership, Akorbi has expanded its offerings beyond Spanish translation, now providing a diverse range of languages and innovative tech solutions. Claudia's inspiring journey and Akorbi's remarkable growth have captured the attention of the American Dream series, shining a spotlight on her resilience and groundbreaking innovation.

Claudia's Advocacy for Hispanic Businesses through USHBC

Claudia's role on the board of the United States Hispanic Business Council demonstrates Akorbi's deep commitment to its core values. The United States Hispanic Business Council (USHBC) is instrumental in advancing Hispanic entrepreneurship, economic growth, and success. It provides a platform to give a voice to Hispanic-owned businesses, championing their causes on a larger scale.

Through a variety of initiatives, the USHBC aims to create an ecosystem to help Hispanic businesses, providing them with the necessary resources, networks, and advocacy to flourish in a competitive market landscape. By actively advocating for Hispanic businesses, Claudia showcases Akorbi's larger mission to provide customized solutions that truly connect with the Hispanic community.

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Cultivating Future Latin Leaders

Building on her success as the CEO of Akorbi, Claudia Mirza extends her influence beyond the boardroom to foster growth and development within the Latin community. She is the chairman on the board of the She Is Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to propelling young women from underserved communities into a brighter future, while providing access to education and mentoring programs. 

Her role in organizations such as the She-Is Foundation further underscore Claudia's passion and commitment to making a meaningful impact on the next generation of Latin leaders.

Akorbi's Solutions for Hispanic Engagement

Akorbi is dedicated to nurturing stronger connections, particularly with Hispanic communities. We offer a range of services that aim to build stronger relationships with Hispanic audiences and a wider demographic. Our language services, including accurate translation, cultural adaptation, and language training, promote inclusivity and interconnectedness, especially within Hispanic communities.

Diverse Linguistic Expertise

Akorbi recognizes the strong connection between language and culture, leading us to build a diverse team of Latin speakers from various countries including Colombia, Argentina, the Dominican Republic and more. Having team members from these different regions enhances our linguistic capabilities, enabling us to understand the distinction of dialects and cultural nuances that belong to each country. This goes beyond mere translation of words; it allows us to provide contextual understanding and convey the unique expressions and cultural intricacies from each region.

Enhanced Communication Strategies

By assisting our clients in communicating in a manner that resonates locally, we avoid a generic, one-size-fits-all approach to translation. Our team's diverse linguistic and cultural knowledge enhances the reliability and effectiveness of our services. When assisting clients with translations or engagements with Spanish-speaking audiences, we leverage our understanding of these different dialects and cultures to ensure messages are clear, relatable, and culturally-aligned. This diverse expertise positions Akorbi advantageously, making us a preferred choice for businesses looking to establish meaningful connections within various Spanish-speaking markets.

Tailored Service Offerings

With our extensive range of team members, we have the ability to tailor our services to meet the distinct needs of each individual client. Our team's diverse backgrounds span across various sectors and industries, equipping us with a broad spectrum of knowledge and expertise. Whether it's providing translation services for a business venturing into Latin America or offering interpretation for a healthcare appointment with a Spanish-speaking patient, we have the resources and proficiency to ensure effective communication.

Resonate with the Latin Community

Our expertise at Akorbi is finely tuned to meet the communication needs of the Latin community. Through our language services and our commitment to diversity and inclusion, we are adept at creating connections that are culturally insightful and significant. Contact us to learn more. 

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