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Dallas-Fort Worth Area

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Serving Dallas-Fort Worth

Akorbi helps international businesses grow in their chosen markets thanks to robust translation and interpretation solutions. Our team helps companies who need everyday, multilingual solutions. We also pride ourselves on our roots in Dallas-Fort Worth.

In the Heart of Plano, Texas

Our headquarters location is conveniently located by two major highways in the heart of Plano, Texas, on the edge of Dallas-Fort Worth. Yet we’re not far away from a beautiful rural area like Lewisville Lake. Much like our headquarters building, Akorbi reaches clients and customers in urban metroplexes, rural populations, and everyone in between — all around the world!

How We Serve Dallas-Fort Worth Companies

Akorbi specializes in comprehensive language services for businesses targeting international markets and customers who speak multiple languages. We’re a Dallas translation company with local roots in DFW while serving international companies around the globe.

Localization is key for businesses looking to grow into international markets. Akorbi makes sure your digital content, marketing materials, publications, and internal documents reflect the correct language and culture of your target areas through precisely localized language translation.

Interpretation occurs in real time. This is when a person interprets spoken speech from one language to the next with a delay of only a few seconds. Akorbi can implement interpretation services in-person or remotely using mobile technology. We understand that interpretation must be precise and accurate because your business counts on effective communication daily.

Translation is when someone translates one written language to another. Whether you are translating business contracts, legal documents, or healthcare records, you can trust the accuracy and security of Akorbi’s translation services. Akorbi’s translation professionals can translate one document or thousands to meet your company’s specifications. We’re a Dallas translation company with a global reach!

One major yet underserved aspect of interpretation is sign language. Approximately 70 million people around the world use sign language to communicate, with 1 million people using American Sign Language on a regular basis. Sign language not only makes your company a forward-thinking operation, it also helps your staff become more proficient with spoken languages.

The healthcare industry is a major player in language services. Healthcare companies, like financial and legal fields, are highly regulated. Akorbi helps your company comply with federal, state, and local laws to ensure client or privacy.

Contact Akorbi Today

Akorbi is a top Dallas translation company who helps DFW businesses achieve their language goals. We work with international businesses and any companies that need help in a multilingual setting. Contact Akorbi’s Dallas-Fort Worth headquarters or call 1-877-4.AKORBI for more details.

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