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Intellectual Property Company Case Study

One of the United States leading patent law firms, renowned for its expertise in intellectual property, needed to facilitate National Phase entry in multiple jurisdictions as part of their commitment to serving their clients global IP strategy.

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The Challenge

A leading U.S. patent law firm specializing in intellectual property, faced significant hurdles in managing the National Phase entry of patents across multiple countries. Required to comply with diverse legal standards and tight deadlines in jurisdictions such as Japan, Korea, Mexico, and Brazil, they needed a solution that would maintain high quality while controlling costs. Each country posed unique challenges related to language and regulatory requirements, putting the firm’s ability to protect its clients' intellectual property at risk.

The Solution

In response to these challenges, Akorbi offered a tailored approach to manage the patent application filings efficiently. Our team of skilled translators, proficient in Japanese, Korean, Spanish, and Portuguese, brought their deep understanding of both the languages and the specific patent terminology required. Supported by our knowledgeable staff familiar with local patent office regulations, we ensured all documents adhered to the required standards. By coordinating closely with our client, we managed to streamline the process, reduce errors, and deliver translations within the necessary timeframes.

The Results

The partnership with Akorbi led to substantial benefits for the patent law firm. By optimizing the translation and filing process, the firm achieved cost reductions of about 30% when compared to other service providers. This more efficient approach also allowed them to meet crucial filing deadlines across various jurisdictions without compromising on quality. The result was not only a reduction in overall expenditure but also an increase in reliability and client satisfaction, securing the firm's reputation in the competitive field of international patent law.


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