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Managed Healthcare Provider Case Study

A Fortune 100 Managed Healthcare Provider aimed to enhance its service offerings by providing virtual healthcare presentations to a nationwide audience. This initiative was designed to ensure that all participants, regardless of their primary language or hearing capabilities, could engage fully and understand the healthcare information presented in a modern, accessible format.

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The Challenge

Providing virtual presentations required an effective strategy to ensure inclusivity for all attendees, including Spanish speakers and the deaf and hard-of-hearing community who use American Sign Language (ASL). The provider needed a way to ensure that everyone could equally participate and benefit from the healthcare information without losing the depth and clarity of the content.

The Solution

Akorbi developed a tailored approach that included skilled interpreters and a sophisticated moderation setup for the presentations. This system facilitated real-time interpretation for Spanish and ASL, assigning interpreters to specific audio channels and ensuring clear visual access for ASL interpretations. This configuration enabled each participant to access the presentation in their preferred language, enhancing engagement with the content. The interpreters were also instrumental during interactive Q&A sessions, ensuring that all questions and answers were communicated clearly and effectively.

The Results

The feedback from the initiative was overwhelmingly positive. The provider successfully delivered their healthcare presentations, achieving high levels of engagement and satisfaction among a diverse audience. This successful integration of interpretation services highlighted Akorbi’s ability to provide accessible and inclusive communication solutions, meeting and surpassing client expectations in the modern healthcare landscape.


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