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Healthcare Video Localization Case Study

A Fortune 100 Managed Healthcare Provider aimed to enhance its service offerings by providing virtual healthcare presentations to a nationwide audience. This initiative was designed to ensure that all participants, regardless of their primary language or hearing capabilities, could engage fully and understand the healthcare information presented in a modern, accessible format.

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The Challenge

One of the largest healthcare organizations in the United States faced a significant challenge: producing high-quality videos without exceeding their budget. Their video production process required managing several complex steps such as localization, detailed voiceovers, on-screen text, and both pre-and post-production tasks. Achieving a balance between maintaining high standards of quality and keeping costs under control was critical.

The Solution

Akorbi developed a tailored, end-to-end workflow to address the healthcare organization’s needs, bringing all video production processes in-house. This change streamlined the entire production from translation and voiceover to on-screen text localization and video editing. By centralizing these tasks, Akorbi ensured consistency across all outputs and effectively reduced production costs. Additionally, subtitling services were included to cater to a wider audience, enhancing the accessibility of the videos.

The Results

The new in-house production strategy led to a significant reduction in costs for the healthcare organization while still achieving the high quality required for their videos. Consolidating video production with Akorbi allowed the organization to not only save on expenses but also simplify coordination across different production stages. The success of this project has enabled the healthcare organization to focus more on their core services, knowing their video production needs are efficiently met at competitive rates. Akorbi continues to innovate and refine their processes to meet the evolving needs of the organization, ensuring sustained efficiency and quality.


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