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Financial Institution Case Study

One of the largest banks in the world, in their dedication to providing exceptional customer service, was held back by a significant obstacle: lengthy waits for customers needing support in different languages. To overcome this challenge and improve their service, the bank set out to find a partner who could not only tackle this issue, but also help diversify their supplier base.

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The Challenge

A globally recognized bank, dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service, faced a significant challenge that was impacting its reputation: prolonged wait times for customers requiring support in various languages. This issue was compounded by inadequate quality controls and unreliable technology infrastructure. As wait times increased, so did customer dissatisfaction, which in turn threatened the bank's commitment to service excellence and client trust. In an effort to address these pressing concerns, the bank recognized the need for a robust solution that would not only reduce response times but also improve the overall quality of support provided to its diverse customer base.

The Solution

To address these issues, the bank partnered with Akorbi, known for its efficient language service solutions. Akorbi implemented a streamlined process for handling multilingual customer support, integrating advanced technology and a team of skilled interpreters. They introduced a new workflow for video remote interpretations to minimize transition disruptions for customers and installed a robust server to improve data handling and reporting capabilities. This allowed the bank to quickly adjust to customer needs and maintain a high standard of service quality. Akorbi also developed a real-time dashboard for monitoring service levels, which helped identify and resolve issues more efficiently, ensuring consistent customer satisfaction.

The Results

Partnering with Akorbi brought noticeable improvements to the bank's customer service. The new systems and processes reduced wait times significantly for customers needing support in multiple languages. The introduction of a real-time dashboard allowed for quick identification and resolution of issues, boosting customer satisfaction. Additionally, Akorbi's pricing model helped the bank manage costs more effectively. Overall, these changes led to a stronger trust and satisfaction among the bank's diverse clientele.


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