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A Translation Service Discusses How Culture Impacts Translation

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As the world of business becomes increasingly globalized, translation services are in high demand. To save time and money, some companies have turned to online translation software so they can compete in international markets. Unfortunately, translation software does not account for one of the most important aspects of translation: culture. The words on the page may be correct, but does your message make sense to your intended audience?

At Akorbi, we specialize in translation, localization, transcription, and more. Here, we discuss the vital role cultural knowledge plays in translation services.

Word Choice

Translation software may provide word-for-word translations, but it can’t guarantee that your message will make logical sense to your intended reader. Slang terms, idioms, and humor differ across the globe. Although a phrase you use may make perfect sense to your local audience, the word-for-word translation may not make an ounce of sense to someone in a different country.

For example, the French phrase “les carottes sont cuites” translates in English to “the carrots are cooked.” The expression essentially means “the situation cannot be changed,” but using the literal translation does not convey this meaning to an English-speaking audience. Instead, an English-speaking audience may prefer a phrase like “there’s no crying over spilled milk.” By hiring a translation service that pays close attention to word choice, you ensure your message is not lost because of cultural differences.

Local Customs

When you write a document to be read by a global audience, you may forget that not every country abides by the same customs. In your content, you may mention a habit that is common in your country but seems odd or rude to people elsewhere. By having knowledge of different cultures, you can change or remove instances of your local habits so your content resonates with various local cultures.

Images and Branding

When it comes to reaching a global audience, the look of your content is almost as important as the words themselves. Images, colors, and even alignment can signify different meanings in different cultures. To make you sure the look and feel of your brand translates across cultures, a good translation service should also provide consultations on branding and marketing.

Localization and Translation Services at Akorbi

Understanding cultural nuances is one of the most important aspects of a translation service. At Akbori, we work with translators who are native speakers of the selected language and recognized subject-matter-experts in your field. This ensures that your content translates across various markets, allowing you to reach your global business goals. To learn more about our services, contact Akorbi today!

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