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5 Reasons Why Your Menus Must Be Accurate in Multiple Languages for Food Delivery Systems

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Food delivery systems are becoming increasingly popular with restaurants and grocery stores. If your target audience speaks multiple languages, your menus must be accurate in those languages. Akorbi’s translation services expert talks about five reasons why your menus need to be accurate in all of the languages your customers speak.

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1. Ingredient Lists

Ingredient lists are not required for establishments with less than 20 locations in the United States. However, it still makes sense to have an ingredient list for your customers to see. 

Around 32 million people in the United States, or 10 percent of the population, have some kind of food allergy. You want your customers to be safe, but you also want to avoid any potential litigation that may arise from a food allergy issue with your ingredients. Your food delivery system must have accurate menus in all languages because you want to avoid potential problems with a dangerous food allergy, such as allergies to nuts, fish, eggs, and milk.

2. Nutrition Facts

Health-conscious consumers need to know the nutrition facts about your food, including the amounts of calories, sodium, fat, sugar, protein, and other nutrients. If you want to offer items that are considered healthy, nutrition facts help shore up these menu items in your food delivery system’s online menu.

3. Pricing

People want to know exactly what they’re getting when they pay for your food. Language accuracy for your menus lets everyone in your target audience know what goes into your food and what costs may increase if they add something to their selection.

4. Add-Ons

Add-ons to your menu items help you upsell an order quickly. A sandwich at $5 can turn into $8 with additions of extra meat, cheese, greens, and garnishes. Menu accuracy in multiple languages showcases what add-ons are available to your target audience. 

5. Increases Your Target Audience

Restaurants and grocery stores are highly competitive. You need all the customers you can get, which means increasing your target audience as much as possible. Menu accuracy in multiple languages increases the target audience for your food delivery system. Customers who appreciate the effort you went through to make your menu in their language will leave reviews, tell their friends, and improve your word-of-mouth advertising.

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