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3 Ways You Can Improve Spanish-Speaking Call Center Support for Your Customers

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Spanish-speaking call center support can help your profitability in many ways. Spanish is the fourth-most spoken language in the world with 538 million speakers, and it’s number two in terms of native speakers. It’s also a common language spoken for commerce and government in the United States. In today’s blog from Akorbi, we talk about three ways you can improve Spanish-speaking call center support for your customers.

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1. Hire Multilingual Industry Experts 

You have a target audience you want to reach, and you want to provide fantastic customer service when you communicate with that audience. Hiring multilingual industry experts who speak Spanish and other languages keeps customer service in-house while improving the experience for Spanish-speaking call center support. Your customer service or sales efforts are only as good as the people you hire!    

2. Train Current Employees

Training current employees on Spanish language represents a great alternative to spending labor costs on new hires. Plus, you already have people on hand that you trust with your business. All they need is some extra help for Spanish.

Train employees for Spanish in a few ways.

Host a seminar for several days. Spanish language lessons can happen over a few days at the office. It keeps everyone together, and you can monitor progress.

Online classes. Invest in online classes for your employees. Reward them for completing the course successfully. The best online classes offer a multimedia, interactive experience.

Enroll in formal classes. Many colleges and universities offer online courses in foreign languages, including Spanish. Accredited colleges and universities are the best way to go here, that way you know your workers are getting a quality education.

3. Hire a Language Services Provider

Language services providers are experts in delivering support in multiple languages. Akorbi is one such provider. We cater to Spanish-speaking call center support, particularly with our location in Pereira, Colombia. We have a highly trained and qualified workforce that is detail-oriented and more cost-effective than many Eastern countries. Hiring an LSP can save on your labor costs while also providing excellent customer service to your target audience. We’ll even have industry experts who know your field as well as speak Spanish!

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Akorbi’s Multilingual Contact Center Support

Akorbi prides itself on delivering world-class language services to companies all over the globe. We work in more than 170 languages, including Spanish! Contact Akorbi online or call 1-877-4-AKORBI for more information on our Spanish-speaking call center support.

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